police reading

February 16, 2010

I’m reading Deleuze and Guattari again; Anti-Oedipus. I’m really quite hostile to D&G, but in a way that makes me feel inadequate; I am the micro-fascist police reader, imposing all my captures on things. It’s not that they’re wrong, it’s that I take the place of the behaviours they oppose. Neurotic, controlling.

I’m not sure how much I understand… the disorganised style makes it unclear. I tried to pin down what I thought was an argument in seminar the other day, but Professor A mocked me, told me I wasn’t following and sent me away to read Difference and Repetition. “You haven’t read it? But what have you been doing, all these years? What on EARTH have you been doing?”

What indeed. Does everyone have more time to read and capacity to concentrate or are they just better at hiding their ignorances?


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