April 7, 2010

It’s astounding how productive one can be when one has an essay due. Never otherwise is my house so clean and tidy. I can be bothered to go out and flyer for my club nights when I should be reading (or vice versa, depending on how much I don’t want to do one or the other). Perhaps next I will alphabetise my socks. I discovered there is a blog promoting this as healthy – Structured Procrastination. One needs to construct the series of things that need to be done so that the important ones are eventually acheived. Careful administration, rather than eradication, is the attitude one should hold towards procrastination. Phew.

I am, of late, having urges to become accomplished. I spend most of my time at work looking at websites for tango classes, life drawing classes, cookery courses, that sort of thing. I’m extremely discouraged with university at the moment and am seeking to improve myself in other ways.

It’s one of the curses of wishing to be a renaissance person (awkward, clunky phrase, ugh) in the schematised capitalist system. One can only become a low-paid admin drone with an excellent line in dinner party conversation.


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