video post – electro, industrial, new beat

April 8, 2010

Here are some things I’ve been listening to in the last couple of days, some disciplined music.

The Human League – The Black Hit of Space

“It got to number 1, then into minus figures…” Chilling synths taking over the universe.

Cabaret Voltaire – Do the Mussolini (Headkick!)

Here’s a second selection from Sheffield. Extremely simple refrains complexified with interference.

DAF – Der Mussolini

As we’ve had one industrial/new wave classic mentioning Mussolini we might as well have the other. (Someone seems to have put this video together for Youtube!) The slightly unspooling then re-quickening backing riff just keeps pulling you back in.

Severed Heads – Dead Eyes Opened

Beautiful frosty electro track. I can’t do it on a video, but in Belgium it’s played at 33rpm+8 (rather than 45) to make it into ‘new beat’. (I find it difficult to make myself do that anyway, though… my DJing instincts generally push me faster, rather than slower!)

A Split Second – Flesh

Fully Belgian new beat classic on proper industrial label Wax Trax. Again, this one is supposed to be slowed down to 33+8.

Ellen Allien – Send

Cold minimal techno from the incomparable Ellen Allien. Whiplash percussion and a slowly approaching riff, echoing up and down the octaves.

Simian Mobile Disco – 10000 Horses Can’t Be Wrong

Perfect staccato beats, degenerating towards the centre.

Kraftwerk – Pocket Calculator

This is the version off The Mix. Kraftwerk constantly re-update their own music, perfecting and perfecting. This one is very Underworld-y.

Underworld – Cowgirl

I sometimes think that Underworld just sound like all of music, in its entirety, with the texture reorganised. So many sounds.


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