April 12, 2010

I have begun to learn Ancient Greek, using an Open University course. Transliterating and translating classical Greek stories is strangely soothing and rewarding! I’m only 15 lines down the page and already I can mostly remember the alphabet, and have picked up some vocab. Slow work, though.

Saturday was mostly park-based, breaking only to go to the Mexican restaurant for James’s birthday. Saturday night went to the pub for a bit, and then watched And God Created Woman, which is an extremely depressing film about how everyone’s lives are ruined by sexism and not a sexy sixties chortle at all.
Sunday we had an accidental lie-in, and then a wander in Stokey. The Fox Reformed had an extremely effective advert in the window that merely said ‘Garden Open. Drink Pimm’s’ and so we did, while playing backgammon in their garden. I won! That never happens. Then we went home and I figured out how to use EndNote and pretended to do my essay while Chris cooked paella. We tried to go to the cinema to see No One Knows About the Persian Cats but I looked up the listings wrong and it wasn’t on, so we watched The Battle of Algiers at home (a fairly extraordinary film, featuring few professional actors and people playing themselves; a brutally naturalistic production). Col. Mathieu: “What were they saying in Paris yesterday?” Journalist: “Nothing. Sartre’s written another article.” Col. Matthieu: “Will you explain to me why the Sartres are always on the other side?” Journalist: “So you like Sartre, Colonel?” Col. Mathieu: “Not really, but I like him even less as an adversary.”
I was pleased to note I could understand nearly all of the French, and some of the Arabic (and many Berber loan-words; I hadn’t realised Algeria was so Berber). Possibly because it was an Italian production and so the speech wasn’t delivered at native speed!


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