and in further ranting

April 21, 2010

I’m actually really offended by the notion of The Delicious Miss Dahl. I mean, Nigella is after all a food journalist as well as being a bit saucy; it’s plausible you might watch it for the food; it’s not completely gratuitous. Sophie Dahl is a model, famous for being on an extremely sexually-charged perfume advert. …This kind of pornified programming has no place on the BBC. It also has an eye-hurtingly twee opening sequence necessitating switching it off without even getting to the recipes.

(When I calmed down a bit after the twee assault I skipped forward to try to look at her cooking, fearing I was being unfair if she is actually a good presenter – but she doesn’t look like she knows how to chop vegetables! Her movements are all incredibly tentative, as if afraid of the food, and make me wonder if she only learned to cook for the show).